Returning to World War I with a 21st Century Speed – Battlefield 1

Returning to World War I with a 21st Century Speed – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 brings an explosive simulation of what WWI was really like with some of the most true to life finesse ever seen in a historical video game. After many years spent focusing on modern warfare, EA and DICE have finally returned to their roots.

Battlefield has always been a series that primarily focuses on multiplayer – one which has reached new monumental heights with their return to early 20th century combat. You simply cannot have an enjoyable or progressive experience if your internet provider is not providing you with the necessary speeds.

A Sensational History Lesson

World War I was indeed a horrendous period for all of those involved – and DICE have truly captured the gritty barbarism that occurred during this most violent of wars. They have also brought the courage and daring that went on in this bloody time.

Both of these aspects will be carried out by the players. From savage trench raids by the assault classes, to selfless rescue missions by the medics to save fallen allies, to the specialized tactics and firepower of the elite classes rarely seen on the battlefield.

You Need the Best in Order to Be the Best

You will, of course, need a lightning-fast internet connection in order to bring such a dedication to realism to life on your monitor or television without a single stutter or delay.

The adrenaline-filled ferocity and streamlined action that has been orchestrated by DICE with their latest military epic can only be truly appreciated if everything runs with a top brass system.

internet provider 2

Even if you are running the game with maximum display settings, all of your hardware can become meaningless if your ping cannot keep you in the game on a competitive level.

While you may not be an e-athlete, you do of course want to do as well as you can and rank highly in each match.

Such ambitions are only possible if you have a solid ping well under 100, and your actions and movements are reflecting in real time, on the same level as everyone else with a solid and speedy connection.

King of the Server

With the best connection possible, you will soon see yourself rising through the ranks. Your K/D ratio will begin to steadily rise, your skill level will increase, and your overall ranking will certainly improve.

You really aren’t going to get very far in a game when you offload an entire clip into someone – and they do not take any damage – because your latency is so poor. The same goes for flying planes – which is a very fast-paced section of the game – and controlling these primitive aeroplanes can be a jittery nightmare with a slow connection.

The best players will almost always have the best connections, and everything that they do will happen in real time. Every shot that they make will hit instantly, and every daring dogfight they participate in will whizz onwards without a hitch.


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