Schedule Rent Online – Landlord Software

Schedule Rent Online – Landlord Software

“I don’t know how I ever had renters in the past without Schedule My Rent,” said Steven Hunt.

Steven has been a scheduling rent online for the last 2 years and uses all the features of Schedule My Rent to the fullest including:

  • Collecting Rent Online and avoiding the hassle of paper
  • Notifying renters of payments, late payments, and fees
  • Automatically send rent payments to bank account
  • Automatically sends payment receipts
  • Allows tenants to split rent between roommates
  • Always stays in complete control of payments

Steven owns several commercial and residential properties in the Albuquerque area and has been renting properties out for over 20 years. In the past he had many issues with poor renters who did not pay rent on time. “Hassling my tenants became a full time job,” said Hunt. He became very lenient on tenants as he did not have the time and energy to continuously follow up and knew that he needed to make a change with the way he managed his business.

Schedule My Rent came recommended to Steven from a friend. He was hesitant at first as he had little technology skills and was used to doing everything by hand and paper. He was impressed at how easy the set-up process was. The landlord software was also easy for his wife to navigate and this made it easier on him to focus on other projects. His wife was happy that they would be saving paper and gas from not writing checks or driving back and forth to the bank.

Common Types of Queue Management Systems

Security was a big concern and Steven was confident with the electronic payments and secure payment processing. Safety and security is ensured by Schedule My Rent through:

  • Bank level encryption and validation
  • Never giving tenants bank account information
  • Never hassle with lost or stolen checks

The most important benefit to Steven and his family was time-saving. He no longer had to drive to 20 different locations to collect rent and deal with collecting late payments.

Save time with Landlord Software that automatically:

  • Reminds tenants every time a payment is due
  • Collects rent from tenant’s bank account or tenant can pay with cash (available soon) at a retailer
  • Stops the hassle of lost mail and risk of cash
  • Splits rent between roommates
  • Sends rent to your bank account
  • Manages late rent, check returns, and fees
  • Keeps you updated every step of the way with email summaries and the best dashboard in the industry

Steven is one of the many landlords whose partnership with Schedule My Rent has led to greater personal success. Our goal is to make rent payment the easiest and most convenient online for both landlords and residents. Call 844-465-3339 or email to learn more about Schedule My Rent and the benefits of getting signed up today!

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