Have you ever thought that how nice it would be as parents to track what your child does on the phone? Or if you are boss, you may fear the activities and misuse of the internet provided to your employees.

Now there is a spy app which helps you to get the details. It works on all Android models and also for many app. This spy app not only helps to track the mobile devices, but also it helps to recover the data of the snapchat. You all know that the snapchat is the image messaging software and if the data regarding this app wants to be recovered the snapchat vision will help you greatly.

How the spy application does help?

The spy application allows you to keep a track of the activities which are being done on the specific device. It records all the activities which are done on the Google powered device. This spy app is linked to a spy account where it sends the recorded messages for you. Once the spy app is installed it starts doing its work and keeps track of the messages and phone calls. Also it has the ability to get the location using the GPRS. When you want to use your account, you just have to login to your account from the online control panel from any computer and enter your username and password into the web browser or phone connected to the internet. There is also an option of viewing the live details of the person who you want to track. You will have to apply for a premium plan and this allows seeing the live phone screen and the present location of the person or phone and also one can restrict their activities by sending commands to the phone to stop those activities.


There is also facility for sending messages or file to the concerned device. Other important information like the SIM information, GPRS and lock and unlock options are also provided by this app. In cases where the device is lost or stolen, this app is also very helpful as you can immediately lock your phone and block the SIM and hence phone becomes useless to the one who stole it. Your important information is also secured. Also this app provides for delivering the logs to your email account. Every message, sent or received is logged by this app. It also takes care of all the activities on the social networking sites and logs them and sends the info to the account.

Each and every activity like calendar events, screenshots and instant messaging all are recorded and logged. This app providing all the information about the phone being tracked is such a blessing for parents who really want to keep a close check on their children as it notes each and every minute detail about the phone. By purchasing this app one will be very much relaxed and stress free about their child. So, what are you still waiting for?

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