Singapore Businesses Can Take Advantage of Social Media

Singapore Businesses Can Take Advantage of Social Media

In the business world where competition is very stiff, getting ahead of the pack is no easy feat.

This is especially true in highly progressive countries like Singapore.

That being said, it is crucial that all beneficial tools available are used.

One of the most effective tools available is social media marketing.

Statistics show that out of the approximate 3 billion Internet users today, a whopping 2 billion have active social media accounts.

The staggering statistics alone is testament enough of the clout, popularity, and power of social media marketing as an advertising tool.

The good news is, this is something you have easy access and can use to your advantage.

If you are not using social media marketing yet, below are some of the key benefits you are missing out on:

Customer Insights

One of the most amazing benefits of social media is its ability to generate a huge amount of information about your customers in real time.

Statistics show that on a daily basis 500 million tweets are posted on Twitter, 95 million photos are uploaded on Instagram, and 4.5 billion likes are generated on Facebook.

Behind the staggering statistics is a load of information about customers you can definitely use to make your campaigns more compelling—what they like, who they are, how they feel about your company or brand, among other things.

Add social listening and active daily engagement in the mix and you have several tools you can use to gather relevant customer data you can utilize to make smart marketing decisions.


Loyalty and Awareness

With a social media presence, you make it easy for customers not just to find you but more importantly, to connect with you.

And once you are able to connect with your customers on social media, you have a greater chance of boosting both brand loyalty and customer retention.

A Social Habit study indicated that at least 53 percent of Americans who follow their favorite brands online tend to be more loyal to the brand they are following.

In addition, social media is also the ideal venue you can use to enrich your relationship with your customers.

Case in point: if you are involved in the travel industry, social media gives you the perfect outlet where you can have conversations and interactions with travelers before, during, and after they have booked a trip with your company.

This kind of interaction between customers and brands is something conventional advertising is not able to achieve.

Search Ranking and Website Traffic

If increasing website traffic is a priority, you’d be delighted to know social media is one of the best tools you can use.

Apart from giving you a means of directing people on your site, it can also help increase your search rankings especially if you receive a lot of social media shares.


Nowadays, getting key information about your competitors has never been easier.

Social media monitoring can help you gain access to information about your competitors so you can enhance your strategic business decisions according to how you see fit.

Also, the data you get can be used to enhance the products and services you are offering.

You can use tools to also monitor competitor mentions as well as relevant industry keywords.

Knowing the relevant industry keywords will prove highly beneficial especially when you are creating powerful content you can share with your customers and prospects.


Social media offers a treasure trove of benefits businesses nowadays cannot afford to miss out on.

If you want to learn more about your customers, engage with them, and promote brand recognition and loyalty, among other things, then social media marketing is no doubt your best recourse.

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