Singapore’s Top 10 List Of In Demand Tech Jobs

Singapore’s Top 10 List Of In Demand Tech Jobs

Situating itself as the leading tech, innovation, and financial destination in Asia, Singapore is constantly in demand for experienced employees with tech experience.  Below we review 10 of the most in demand tech jobs currently in Singapore to give you a better understanding of what the country needs in terms of talent and innovation.

  1. Cyber Security

A fundamental skillset that is required the world over, Singapore is going out of its way to hire the best cyber security professionals available.  Protecting IT systems, these individuals are constantly engaged in fighting and addressing vulnerabilities within their own IT design.

  1. Project Management

A critical cog in the machine, the project manager is responsible for translating business requirement documents into information and technical documents with correct specifications.  In doing so, they act as a go between for the business and the IT development/engineering team.

  1. App Development

Singapore in particular is experiencing a lack of developers with the experience necessary to see projects all the way through development.  Add to that an influx of startups and it is no wonder that application developers are so highly prized.


  1. Development Operations

With DevOps seen as a fundamental part of the development process, these individuals play the critical role of being the missing link that brings together collaboration and communication between IT operations and software developers.

  1. Embedded Developers

The demand for embedded developers has recently increased significantly due to many companies expanding into IoT and connected devices including embedded software.

  1. Mobile Developers

Aiding outreach onto mobile devices, the mobile developers have become critical as more and more people access content through portable devices.  Oriented towards improving profits, market shares, and brand awareness, mobile developers expand the footprint of the company in the digital world.

  1. Data Scientists

With expertise handling and interpreting data relating to all aspects of business, data scientists are a sought after workhorse capable of providing the information companies need to redirect their services to the most profitable markets.  Whether employed through sales or helping management make data driven decisions, data scientists are a critical part of any successful business.

  1. Cloud Engineers

With a specialization centered around cloud environments, these specialists are poised to provide a necessary service that is quickly becoming the defacto way of storing information online.  Setting up cloud environments, these individuals are in high demand.

  1. UI/UX Designers

Where as creating new content is important, revamping existing content and products into a usable service is critical as well.  The UI/UX designers accomplish this through revamping existing interfaces and implementing necessary changes depending on a changing landscape of feedback and insights.

  1. Head Of Engineering

Finding skilled and competent leadership in tech engineering is an incredible challenge for companies the world over.  While there may be a lot of talent currently being developed, those with VP or head of engineering experience are particularly well suited to finding employment.  Skillset includes being able to lead and mentor a team of between 5- 50 employees while ensuring deadlines and reducing burnout.

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