Some Benefits of Upgrading Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c

The site of Webcenter is the name given to the FatWire content server which is followed by the Oracle acquisition of FatWire in the year 2011. For some of the existing customers FatWire customers may have enough reasons to upgrade it as it is very obvious but still there ceratin facts which are not clear yet. Just because of these clinches the site of WebCenter is supplied with very limited use of WebCenter and the license. The license for the same could be easily extended to give an opening to a wealth of new features to the users of sites like FatWire. Oracle WebCenter Site training is a must to excel in career.

There is end number of benefits of Oracle WebCenter Sites online training. With the knowledge of this you could easily manage to excel in the field of your career. With this you become capable enough to become much multi tasking.

What do you mean by webCenter Sites?

Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c is one of the web experience management tools and is one of the most critical parts of the Oracle WebCenter. These days it has come up with many new features in it and enables the user to excel in their career with the use of the same. It is highly optimized to deliver the engaging sites. Most of the online marketers and online merchandisers are being provided with a tool of publishing the content. The content could also be re-used on the entire site depending on its requirement.

A key feature of Oracle WebCenter Sites Online training comes up with the ability to engage each of the customer which comes up with the target based involvement on the user’s profile. It enables the user to deliver their content to various channels right from smartphones to tablets. The infrastructure of the site is highly optimized and is much scalable which could support rapid publishing and high volumes.

Benefits of Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c:

  • The major reason behind upgrading the same is the through it you could get the upgraded version of the entire WebCenter Site. Through it you can make the use of many new features.
  • With this you could also get a chance to rebrand the product of FatWire to WebCenter Sites. With this it gets enhanced as well. Through this it basically it focuses on the usability of the same
  • You could get the new feel and the look
  • With the base of new interface it helps to simplify the contribution
  • With this you could manage to get the best support related to drop and drag, you could easily access them from the page slot
  • The new result of the search view allows the result to be docked for the quick access and helps dragging from one page to another, it enhances the search capabilities
  • It helps improving the process of approval for the development of dependencies

Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c has advanced a lot in terms of technology and its usage. It has come up with a very innovative profile for the same.

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