Staying safe when using Paypal

Staying safe when using Paypal

Paypal is one of the most popular online payment portals and is used by millions on a daily basis in order to make easy transactions online. However, owing to the fickle nature of online money transfer, the one query that comes to mind is with respect to is Paypal safe for use? Paypal has excellent fraud and consumer protection laws integrated in its policy that takes the customer’s side in case of a fraudulent transaction. However, it pays to stay safe and operate with caution. Here are a few tips to help you make your online shopping experiences safe.

Verified online merchants

Just as you would nit hand over your bank details or debit cards to shady salesmen, you should also take caution when transacting via Paypal. Anyone with an email id can open a Paypal account, but one has to go through additional steps in order to be a verified vendor by Paypal. This additional layer of verification integrated by Paypal ensures that a particular vendor is credible and is safe to deal with. Even when making transactions at brick and motor facilities, ensure that you are dealing with authenticated Paypal stores, thus reducing any chances of fraud.

Responding to e-mails from Paypal

Paypal does not usually send out emails asking you to click on links. The best way to check if Paypal has contacted you is to go to your Paypal profile and check for any indication that Paypal has indeed reached out to you. In most cases, you can respond to such queries via your Paypal account itself, thus putting yourself out of risk.

Paypal store

Watch your balance closely

Despite your best efforts, it is possible for fraudsters to gain access to your Paypal account and siphon off money without your knowledge. Hence, make sure to keep an eye on your balance every now and then, and report immediately if you find something fishy in your recent transactions.

Link your credit card

It is easier to dispute a charge via your credit card company than working with your bank in case of faulty payment. Thus linking your credit card to your Paypal account is recommended. You can now approach both Paypal and your credit card company to fix your issues simultaneously. Since credit cards fall under the federal law, Paypal will work closely with the credit card companies to resolve all issues quickly.


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