Steps to follow after selecting your hosting

Steps to Follow to Get Your Website Up & Running Profitably

The Basics

Web hosting services make your website easily accessible via the world-wide web. This type of service can boost your online business triple fold. But there are billions of companies that offer website hosting. How can you have confidence in the company you choose?


Where to Start

Finding the right host for you and your website is a tough decision. Nothing is worse than paying for a service and not having that service live up to your standards. Your website is your baby. You wouldn’t pay a babysitter without doing research about her first. Same as with a website hosting company, do your research. Find out what other clients say. For example, some web hosting companies openly add customers’ comments right on the main page. Customers won’t keep quiet if lines, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.they’ve had a bad experience. You are certain to find what you need to know. Read between the


Having Fun

Okay, so you are confident with the host company you chose! You are ready to introduce your website the world. But wait, you want to be successful, right? Of course, right! This is the fun part of creating your website. Keep reading to see what steps you can take to get you and your website to the top.

Domain Required

Top of the list, picking your domain or the URL people will use to find your website. Be professional but also make it easy to remember. Your domain will be like the calling card for your cliental.


Website Personality

-What type of website will it be? Whether informational, or used for professional businesses, each requires a certain flair. Decide what type it will be and provide the needed design for it to be profitable.


-You also need your website to be easy to navigate around. Nothing is more frustrating than visiting a webpage and unable to find the information that you are searching for. Make it clear for the client to get where they want to go.

Content with an Intent

-The content you use such as text, pictures, or videos, will either make your website or break it. Be sure to make sure the content is appropriate, understandable, yet eye catching. Word of caution: don’t make it too distracting. For example, if your website is about your veterinary clinic. Your customers most likely don’t want to see an abstract, neon picture of a bunny in a top hat if they are searching for a number to contact you. Especially if it is an emergency.

Word of Mouth

-Okay, so word of mouth isn’t the only way you can promote your website. Social media is another vital tool to can use to your advantage, better yet, it’s FREE!! However, the most effective form of promotion is through SEO or search engine optimization. If people are looking for a certain service, they aren’t going to know to call your friend Jack and ask him. They are going to search on the web. Make your website search engine friendly .


Maintenance is Key

-Test your website constantly to be sure it is operating smoothly. Keep it fresh and new with updated content. Also, ensure the speed of your website is at its top ability.


How to Improve

How do you keep your business afloat in the wrecking waters of the economy? You obviously have business smarts to have made it this, far right? One of the main things to help you or sink you is the speed of your internet. Nothing will stop the flow of customers to your website more than a turtle paced connection. How can you speed it up?


Caching basically means storing data in a cache or a temporary storage area. How does this relate to internet speed? Well caching increases the speed of the processor by providing data to the processor more quickly. If you still are unsure how this would work, an excellent example of this is provided.

  • Caching
  • CDN
  • Improve Images


CDN-Content Delivery Network

CDN works by allowing you to provide static elements such as JavaScript, images, videos, documents to users around the world to download at a faster rate.

For example, let’s say you had a package you needed delivered. You have two options, option one, you give it to a local bike boy, who then takes it to a truck, which then drives to the ocean to transfer the package to a ship, the ship takes a few days to get to the location. Second option, the package can go by plane through a professional mailing service. See the point? CDN is the plane that will carry your resources faster to the client. For instance, check into web hosting companies that offers a fast track option of CDN.

Improve Images

Believe it or not, image size can also slow down your page speed. There are easy steps to do this, either graphic-editing tools or plugins. Check out these highly recommended WordPress Plugins.


Also a few “hacks” are also recommended. (Don’t worry, these hacks are safe.)

Using good format like JPEG or PNG.

Crop out unnecessary things.

Resize your images so that they fit according to your webpage allowance.

Minimize files like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS by deleting comments, extra unneeded spaces, unwanted line breaks.

Simply put: the more data needed to be downloaded, the more amount of time the document will take to download.

Follow these easy steps and you and your website will be at the top of the game.

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