Steps to start Online Recharge Business in India

Steps to start Online Recharge Business in India

The dependency on technology has given birth to numerous types of businesses in India. As the technology is becoming advanced, human beings are becoming more dependent on the technology for all daily needs. Whether you are a working professional or not, you can avail various services at your fingertips with the use of technology. You can shop anything at your doorstep, you can book cabs from anywhere, you can recharge phone without going to the recharge shop, and you can book a flight, bus or train tickets from anywhere and much more. Technology is reducing human physical efforts to do something. The technology of online mobile recharge based on Single sim multi recharge has gained a lot of fame in last few years and therefore, more people are looking forward to the business of online mobile recharge. So, the write-up discusses the steps required to start a business of online mobile recharge in India.

The essential steps to start the online recharge business in India:

Step 1: Get your company registered

No matter what type of business you are starting, you would always require registering that business first. Many online recharge companies mainly get registered as the private limited company but there are various other options as well for registering the online recharge company which are explained as follows:

  • Partnership business: In a partnership firm, you can register your company with some partner with whom you need to share the profits earned equally.
  • Sole Proprietorship Business: The sole proprietorship business is the type of business in which only one person is involved in all business operations and there is no existence of any other person in this type of business.
  • Private Limited Company: A private limited company is a kind of small business in which owner remains limited to their own shares and can only have maximum 50 shareholders.

Select the business according to your feasibility and register your business of online mobile recharge.

Step 2: Get ready with legal documentation

The next step is preparing a legal documentation related to the terms and condition and other legal policies of the single sim all recharge portal you are going to start. So, get ready with all the required legal documentation.

Step 3: Get domain, hosting and web services

To start any online recharge portal, you always need to book a domain name such as .in, .com,, etc. You may also buy a complete package for your recharge website from some third party that provides domain name, hosting services and web services altogether.

Step 4: Get the payment gateway setup with DSS compliance

It is an obvious fact that to start online recharge business, there is a need to buy the payment gateway so as to provide the flexible payment platforms to the customers who visit your website to recharge their mobile phones. So, make sure to book a payment gateway setup with DSS compliance for your single sim multi recharge website so as to provide the secured banking services to the customers.

Sara Recharge is one of the prominent multi recharge company that has been providing multi recharge services using the technology of single sim all recharge that has gained a lot of prominence in last few years.


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