Technology And The Drop Shipping Industry

Technology And The Drop Shipping Industry

We live in an age of exponential technological growth which is changing society and the way we live. It is impossible to keep up to date with the latest tech with millions of new devices being released each year. It is affecting all areas of our daily lives and industries are been reshaped in record-breaking speed.

The shipping industry is one of those in which technology improvements has affected most. It is one of the oldest industries in the world and never before has it gone through such dramatic alteration in the way it works. As each year passed by it becomes more computer automated and at some point in the near future, there will be no need for human interaction to get your good delivered to your door.

If shipping companies are unable to keep up with the technological advances they will struggle to compete and will be soon out of business in this cut-throat industry. In this article, I will look into the main technologies currently changing the drop shipping industry.

Self Drive Ships


Most of the trade movement in the world is carried out by ships. It is a common shipping method by drop shippers as it is far cheaper than air transport for overseas goods delivery. Freight ships require a large number of humans but this is changing fast with the rise of autonomous ships. These are operated remotely and make significant cost savings. Companies using these methods can undercut their competition by using this new technology. Soon the seas will not be full of sailors but robots instead.

Logistic Robotic Warehouses

The rise of drop shipping companies over the last decade has been dramatic and this is only possible due to the improvements in technology. Now warehouses can easily cope handling millions of different products through the use of robotics. Amazon is the company that is advancing this technology the most and now the huge robots for selecting, packing and preparing inventory in all of their warehouses. It helps the company make massive savings on the cost of hiring humans along with helping to reduce the number of mistakes.

The use of robotics in the shipping and warehouse sectors is increasing each year. This helps the companies who utilize them to cut costs and speed up the process. The consumer is happy because they get their good faster and cheaper. The costs will continue to fall as more process become automated and the speed will further increase once technologies like drones for delivery are possible.

It is not just robotics and autonomous vehicles that are having a major impact on the shipping industry. There are much more such as the Blockchain which for the first time makes it possible to automate many of the order processes in a secure environment. It is clear to see that in the not so far off future the need for a human component will be very limited and the true value of online learning will be much higher.

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