The Challenge Of Gaining YouTube Subscribers

The Challenge Of Gaining YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is one of the largest social networks with over one billion active users. That’s huge number of people! Ready for another big number? There’s also over 100 million different YouTube channels! That’s a lot of publishers with even more videos.

With so many channels and videos to choose from there’s a ton of competition for publishers when it comes to gaining YouTube subscribers and growing a channel. Seriously, just take a minute to think about some of the numbers here and the likelihood of duplicate channels. With over 100 million duplicate channels many of those channels likely discuss many of the same topics.


After all, how many different channels is one person really going to follow about the same exact topic? Probably not more than a couple at most which makes growing a channel that’s focused on a popular topic even more difficult. Since most people tend to subscribe to very popular channels on the basis that they are popular, and considering most people do not subscribe to a ton of similar channels; unless a YouTube channel does not already have a ton of subscribers chances are the channel will remain small.

This whole process may seem pretty unfair and it is. It’s like the whole idea of the rich getting richer. The more YouTube scribers a channel has, the more subscribers it is likely to obtain in the future. Even though there’s over a billion people on YouTube gaining subscribers to get started can be difficult. Sometimes publishing amazing new videos that people will really enjoy isn’t enough to get people to click that subscribe button.

A big part of the problem is that if your channel doesn’t have very many subscribers to begin with it likely is not ranking very high in YouTube’s Search. Channel’s that don’t rank high for very few terms do not get seen very often. Oddly enough, when very few people see your videos and channel even fewer will like and subscribe.

What’s the solution, how do you gain more YouTube subscribers? This is quite the catch 22, you need your videos to be seen to get subscribers, but you need subscribers to get your video seen. Fortunately there are services out there available that can provide your channel with YouTube Subscribers. But if you choose to use one of these companies it’s important that you choose one that’s safe and can deliver real results.


YouTube has gotten pretty good at spotting fake users and can easily remove suspicious subscribers from any account at any time. I’ve used a few different suppliers in the past, but the only one that I trust to this day to promote any of my channels or videos is Mass Media+. This company provides real and active YouTube subscribers for any channel. Mass Media guarantees that all their YouTube services will remain permanently.

In my experience that is a huge relief because there are so many companies out there that provide services like this and none of them actually have any real guarantees. On top of that the quality YouTube services Mass Media+ provides is significantly higher to all of the other companies I’ve tried, and their customer support is always there when I need them which is huge.

Gaining YouTube subscribers can be difficult, but with services out there that can help with video and channel promotion it does not have to be. I personally rather spend my time focusing on creating great content for my subscribers, so I’m all for having someone else promote my channel and increase my subscriber base. Especially since once you start gaining subscribers everything starts to snowball and your channel really starts taking off which is absolutely amazing!

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