The Cheaply Priced Fun Plane To Fly Under Normal Conditions

The Cheaply Priced Fun Plane To Fly Under Normal Conditions

Are you looking for the best RTF Plane? Here we will review WLToys F939 rcmoment which is claimed to be the best RTF plane for the beginners. As per the buyers’ reviews, the plane is really good and offers a great flying experience. When you unbox the product, you will find 2X1S 3.7 V 130mAh battery, 1 spare prop, 1 USB charger, 1 transmitters and some other items. When you hold the plane, you will notice that the plane is light and small. The control surface is neutral and appears out-of-the-box while the range of movement suggests that the plane is really an agile one. This plane is good to fly under normal conditions when it is not windy.

An overview on the features of WLToys F939 rcmoment

This remote control airplane, WLToys F939 rcmoment is designed as per the Cessna-182 Real plane. Featuring 3 coreless motors, here the EPP composite is difficult to break. The plane is best meant for the beginners and those who are intermediate flight gamers. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, you may use this plane in both. Here the flying range of the plane or the RC airplane is 200m. It is great to know that the pilot can make 360 degree rotation and can even change directions when needed. Comprised of foam material, the plane is extremely light and easy to maneuver. The RC airplane is also resilient against the crashes. Carrying a high wing design of Cessna, the flight is easier to control and bears stable quality.


Amazing features of WLToys F939 rcmoment

  • The wings of the aircraft are dihedral and so the flight may be controlled easily. It offers a stable flight
  • It comes with 500 mAh lipo battery which can last for 25 minutes.
  • Featuring 3 channel, the airplane has a throttle control towards the left stick and on the right side, there is an elevator control. Therefore, it is much easier than airplanes with 4 channel.
  • The airplane is easy to handle and does not require much of practice. The light design of the plane makes this possible. Beginners are less likely to damage the plane even if there are crashes.

It is great to learn that you can buy accessories online. All the replacement parts of this airplane are available easily. The price of the WLToys rcmoment is around $30-$40. You cannot search  a better deal than this.

Why buyers like WLToys F939 rcmoment?

This is a fun aircraft which is easy to handle. Although meant for windless conditions, it would be fun if it is slightly windy. The charging time needed is 40-60 minutes, the flying weight is 58g and the duration of flight can exceed 25 minutes also. So, there is no need to charge the battery so often. All-in-one, the plane offers the best value for money. The plane is just excellent for beginners who have no experience in flying.

If your hobby is to fly RC aircraft, flying WLToys F939 rcmoment will be an eye opening experience for you. There is no need to be a veteran flyer to use this particular aircraft. Overall, the RC plane is good and has only positive reviews.

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