The Future of Key Finding Trackers

The Future of Key Finding Trackers

I’ve recently been doing the rounds and looking at all the key finders on the market. There are simple radio frequency models that work like the first ones on the market. There are fancy looking ones like the Tile, The Orbit and the Pebblebee and there are brands that come with Bluetooth with or without an app to set it all up. Some have functions like Crowd Search that lets you extend your finding capabilities and join communities of key finders that can hone in on your lost item and let you know where it is.

When I compared volume, range and other features they were all similar. Nothing really stood out among the sea of key finders except for The Bit.

This was what I had in mind when I think about the future of key finders and applications for its use.

If only the Tile series with its sleek design that almost makes you not notice it’s attached to something or other brands like Chipolo and TrackR had a model like The Bit.

Why is this one different?

The Bit is tiny and attaches to your glasses, books, headphones, phones— and you will not even notice it’s there. It’s completely waterproof and has a range of up to 656 feet or 4 Olympic sized swimming pools. The Bit can go globally so you can find it on the luggage carousel at the Airport in Spain.

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This is the first model I came across that shouted the mantra of finding your kids or pets but took it one step further. This can actually be sewn into your child’s backpack or clothes and thrown in the washing machine or tumble dried.

It can almost make you spy-like in your endeavor to track things.

Because the range is so large, the app will separate your Bits into near Bits and far Bits and alert you should any go outside of that range. Great for when Fido decides to take off. It has two finding methods; one is a radar type that says it’s 3 meters north to find scruffy in the bushes or a green to red bar if you are getting hotter or colder to finding your wallet under the cushions.

It weighs 3 grams and has a 12-18 month battery life and I just hope it gets sold on soon or that the other brands get up to speed.

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