The Importance of Application Whitelisting

The Importance of Application Whitelisting

Mankind has become increasingly reliant on machines during the past couple of decades. The rise of computing technology has made it easy for humans to automate a number of important tasks. Today, it’s hard to imagine companies doing business without access to the Internet or computers. There’s a computer in almost every modern home and office. People need computing systems to stay connected and to perform different tasks throughout the course of the day. However, the increased prevalence of the Internet and computers has one major downside: security risks.

Computers are exposed to a variety of potential security problems. If you are using a standard operating system (such as Windows), anybody can gain access to the files on your computer through a simple hacking tool. Most hacking programs are generally disguised as harmless applications. For instance, it might be disguised as a game or a lifelike login page to one of your social media accounts. When you try to interact with it, the program will give an error message and shut down. But in reality, the program will continue to run in the background. It can accumulate data from your computer and send it to a remote user, or even worse; the program might take over your computer and hold it hostage. This is called “ransomware.”


For business owners and companies, data is priceless. Therefore, it’s very important that you take all necessary measures to protect your computer network. One of the many different security measures that you can take to protect your computer is to use an application whitelisting service.

What is Application Whitelisting?

Whitelisting an application basically means to give it permission to run on your computer. If you are using a whitelisting service, the company will check the signature of all applications before giving them permission to run. This mitigates the risk that a disguised application might find its way into your computer. The whitelisting service will independently confirm the hex code of the program to make sure that it’s actually a verified application.

Why is it So Important?

In case any malicious program gains access to your computer, it will immediately start taking over. It will be difficult for you to shut down operations and quarantine the program once it starts spreading into the essential files on the network. Most employees don’t even think twice before opening applications on the computer, which is what makes viruses, malware, and ransomware so dangerous.

It doesn’t matter if you have strict firewalls on the network; if a malicious application gets in, it can cause serious damage to the integrity of your network. In the past few years, there have been a number of cyber-attacks on major corporations, including big names like Sony and Microsoft. This just goes to show that most hackers take increased security as a friendly challenge, and they will still try to find a way to access your valuable data. However, if you are using whitelisting services, you can prevent any major problems with your network. The protocols and database are both actively updated to incorporate the latest viruses and techniques being used by hackers. You can rest assured knowing that your network will run smoothly and steadily.


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