Things You Need To Know About 3D Printer Filaments

Things You Need To Know About 3D Printer Filaments

For every new 3D Printer user, there are some important facts that he/she needs to know about to ensure quality and error-free printing. One of them is the type of Printer filament they should purchase for their 3D Printers. The huge variety of 3D Printer Filaments available in the market can confuse them and eventually they can end up in buying a trash in the name of Filament. After knowing the basics of each of the filament types, they only they will be sure to buy quality materials.

 Cost effective Printer Filaments is a good idea, but not at the cost of the quality. There are 3D Printer Filaments in India which contain questionable additives and have poor gauge consistency. As a result, they fail to deliver quality printouts like the Premium filaments.

What are 3D Printing Filaments?

 Let us, first of all, know what 3D Printing Filaments are and their composition.  The 3D Printer Filaments are actually threads of more than one material that are fed to 3D printers. Each 3d printer has its own set of properties, resilience, gauge and temp of extrusion. The quality of the 3d Printing Filament India is judged mainly on the basis of these properties.

Types of 3D printer filaments are as given below:

  1. Polylactic Acid: It is one of the most commonly used varieties of Printer filaments. The Printer Filament is biodegradable, so is considering eco-friendly and hence preferred over others. And its durability level is also higher than other printer filaments. One of the Upsides of its Printer is its low melting temperature 190-210C. So you don’t require a heated printing plate. This type of Printer filament is brittle and less flexible than few other printer It can be mixed with bronze, iron or wood to make durable prints with varietal finishes.
  1. ABS Printer Filaments: The ABS Printer filaments are just like PLA but with some minor differences. The extruding temperature is almost same as that of PLA. Its extruding temperature is 210-250C. The ABS Printing filaments are more susceptible to warping than the PLA filaments. So it is advised to use it with the heated printing plate. It emits foul order at the time of printing and is not considered food safe or eco-friendly but is more durable than the PLA hence preferred over later by many users.
  2. Nylon Printer filaments: Nylon Printer filaments are stronger and elastic than the ABS and PLA filaments hence in use. Moreover, it is more elastic than other filaments hence can withstand stress more than other filaments and unlike ABS and PLA is safe to use in the sunlight.  The Nylon filament melts at245-250C.

3D Printer Filament 1

  1. TPE Printer filaments: One more type of Printer filaments is TPE which creates more flexible, rubber and highly elastic finish. It melts between the 225C to 235C. But the less durability of this filament makes it less preferable than other filaments. It is mostly used for wearables. The advantage of using this printer filament is that it doesn’t require printing bed to yield accurate results.
  1. PET Printer filaments: One more brand of 3D Printer filaments is in the form of PET. It is strong, highly durable, relatively flexible and a lightweight kind of printer filament. It comes in a large variety of colours and melts in between 220-250C temperature.
  1. HIPS Printer filaments: HIPS is just one another brand of Printer filament mostly used with dual extruders. The filament is biodegradable hence considered as eco-friendly.
  1. PVA Printer filaments: This type of filament can be used with both PLA and ABS filaments just as a support material like HPS. The filament melts at 190- 230C and no need to use heated printer bed.


The 3d designing and printing are becoming advanced day by day. The 3D Printers use filaments to print designs. Whenever you have to buy 3D Printer Filament for your Printer, keep the above differences between the 3D Printer Filaments in your mind. Otherwise, you will have to repent later.  A bad quality 3D printing filament India will waste your both time and money and will also put your credibility at stake in the market.  Your potential customers will run away from you and thus you will suffer a great loss in business. So read this post thoroughly. It is of a great benefit for the entire 3D printer users in the world. A good quality 3D Printer filament is the backbone of your business. Any defect in 3d Printing Filament India will down your already established business in days.


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