Three Reasons Why VoIP is Right for your Business

Three Reasons Why VoIP is Right for your Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was first introduced in the late 1980s, and the principle was to transmit the digitalised audio via the Internet. The early versions were not so reliable, and with inadequate bandwidth, the sound was often jittery and there would be delays, but like any other technology, software was aided by a surge in bandwidth possibilities, and that enables VoIP to offer stable and crystal clear voice calls from any location to any landline or mobile number in the world. If you are not familiar with VoIP, here are a few reasons why it could help your business.

  1. Business on the MoveHaving VoIP capabilities allows the busy entrepreneur to have clear voice calls at all times, as long as they have an Internet connection. The user would also carry their VoIP adapter and would be able to log in to their VoIP provider, once online. The flexibility this gives you if you are a person who is travelling often, makes this technology the telecommunications choice for many business owners. The VoIP adapter is the size of a small memory stick, and can easily be plugged into a laptop or tablet, then after logging in, you will receive a normal dial tone and you can make your call to any destination.


  1. Massive Savings – Let’s say you made between 5 and ten international phone calls on a typical working day, and often they would be lengthy discussions, as crucial decisions are about to be made. The cost of this with a traditional phone provider would be considerable, yet with a VoIP provider, you would pay a fraction of the cost, and not lose any sound quality to boot. For a large office with ten employees, all talking to people from all corners of the globe, VoIP is the perfect solution, and as long as you had a stable broadband connection, all of your employees could freely make a call whenever they need. Your staff will never again worry about the amount of time they spend talking to customers on the phone, as your bills will be a lot cheaper after making the switch to VoIP.
  1. Versatility – VoIP can interact with many Internet based platforms, allowing you to make contact with essential people in a variety of ways, and you won’t be worrying about those dreaded roaming charges anymore, as VoIP is not using your phone provider at all. Video conferencing is certainly possible, and any time a voice call is required, access the Internet and log in to your VoIP provider and away you go. There are many other communication options available, and by using VoIP, your costs will come down significantly, without compromising on the sound quality of your calls.

Many companies have already made the switch and the more calls you make, the more you can save, especially with long distance. VoIP technology has vastly improved and now offers the ideal voice call solution for any business.


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