Time Clock Wizard Free Download: Make you workflow channelized and clocks synchronized via this multi utility employee management application

Time Clock Wizard Free Download: Make you workflow channelized and clocks synchronized via this multi utility employee management application

Advent of digitized technology available over the platform of mobile has made employee organization and tracking shift from bulky project management softwares to the interface of android and iOS in the work om multi utility applications that was earlier restricted to windows platform only.

Workflow management and project planning is a comprehensive strategy that involves careful planning and assessment right from the start. With strict deadlines and limited constraints, it is important that you keep a check on various steps to prevent monetary and time wastage.Hence, bringing your attention to a work smart mobile application that would possibly make your work life easier acting as an  alternative to window based office suits is the Time clock wizard application available for free at android as well iOS operating systems. Its web version can be accessed here www.timeclockwizard.com.


The handiest tools to look for!

Capturing photos: Keeping check on employee productivity and work conduct is mandatory to create a disciplined work ambience to maintain consistent office decorum. Moreover, remote time management which most offices are equipped with can possibly make employees manipulate with the system thereby wasting your time and capital. The photo capture feature enabled via time clock wizard application makes it mandatory for employees to submit their snapshot every time they check in and out of the remote time applications making them adhere to the work session hours preventing sneaky escape and tactics.

Intensive Time and Priority Tracking: This feature lets you keep a close watch on who is working and by how much every hour. A clock guard feature sends a notification to the department head whenever an employee completes his shifts successfully. Similarly, late check-ins and early leavings get instantly notified to regulate employee behavior.

What are other benefits that can come up with Time Clock Wizard?

Easy to use Application with a customizable interface

Offering customer friendly interface and interactive dashboards the software is capable to perform the most complex tasks such as cost estimation catering to execution of project and staffing arrangements.

Further, the web version of the software allows connecting with any third party on premise cloud service like Google Drive and Dropout .This is particularly helpful with team collaboration that can be done using smartphone and mobile devices remotely. Available both free of cost there is absolutely no reason which should stop you from giving it a try.

No software or third party installations required

Once you are successfully registered into the Time clock wizard interface, you can access it via any internet based PC without requiring any additional plug in download. Keeping its application version in mobile will also be highly beneficial letting you check important notifications and sending in urgent mails at the instance of a single click.

Hence, if you happen to be running a business enterprise, this software available both as web application and an as a mobile app is definitely a promising choice to begin with your workflow management tasks today!

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