The role of managing a team is not without its pitfalls and hazards. Not everything sails smoothly and you need to hone your leadership skills to deal with all kinds of situations.

In the early stages of your career, you may have been responsible only for your work, but as a team leader, it is now your duty to motivate and inspire your team to achieve the goals set for your organization. Nowadays you have access to web based task management software to make your job easy.

But one has to be careful in dealing with the challenges of good leadership.  Not all employees are easy to work with and things may not always progress without a hitch. Hence, how can you become a manager or team leader who commands love and respect from the team?

Here are a few tips for the same:

  • Open communication:

You must try to keep all team members in the loop about deadlines, goals and nature of projects. For this you must communicate well with your team and apprise them regularly about the situations within the organization. You must also be free with regard to feed back providing your views to the teams as well as encouraging team members to be open with you regarding doubts and problems. The key fact is to make yourself accessible to all.

  • Build up positive relationships:

It is good that the leader must get to know the team members individually not only for a professional relationship but also at a personal level. Provided you spend some effort in getting to know every team member in a close fashion like their interests and passions, you can build up a great rapport with your team.

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  • Recognize good contributions:

Avoid being a leader who only communicates only to criticize. You can build up the morale and confidence of employees by providing positive feedback. This will encourage them to perform better in the future. So you must express admiration for what they have contributed and the efforts which they are pitching in. This can be done to encourage creativity and productivity.

  • Be realistic:

You are not expected to be a super-human. Thus if you are feeling the pressure and need a helping hand, do not refrain from expressing it. This also means owning up if you have made a mistake. By revealing your human side, you can allow employees to get to know you better. Thus employees will feel more relaxed and comfortable about approaching you.

  • Be decisive:

While you may reveal your frailty, do not hesitate from sticking to your guns where needed. A good leader needs to exercise authority and making firm decisions. You must let your team know that you mean business while ascertaining your leadership role. This will boost team work.

  • Assign the right job to the right person:

One reason why you need to get to know your team members at a deeper professional and personal level is to be apprised of their capabilities and talents. This can be sued to assign the right roles to the right persons. This will ensure smooth operation of your business and greater profitability and productivity.

These are some tips to be a good manager or team leader. You can use task management free software to manage teams in modern times.

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