Tips for Responsive Web Development Services you must Know

Tips for Responsive Web Development Services you must Know

Almost everyone uses mobile phones to open any website as people don’t have much time to open laptops or other devices to access the website. There are different mobile phones and different mobile operating systems as well such as blackberry OS, IOS, Android, Symbian, etc. Since there are different mobile operating systems, there might be a possibility that website can look different on different mobile platforms. Therefore, there is a need to design responsive websites so that look and feel of the website could not vary with different mobile operating systems. This is the reason why responsive web development is becoming one of the important standards of web development services. This write-up explains the important tips for responsive web development.

Important tips for responsive web development services:

  1. Screen resolution adjustment:

The size of screens varies according to the size of devices. Market introduces new devices on regular basis with new screen sizes. Some devices have screens in the form of landscape, some might have portrait type screen or some are completely in square shape. Therefore, if you need to develop a website for both portrait type screen size or landscape, then try to adjust the resolution in such a way that it could fit both types of screen sizes.

  1. Use images properly:

To develop a responsive website, always make sure that you are only using the optimized images in your website. Using optimized images may help to overcome bandwidth issues and fixes scaling issues. To avoid such issues, it is recommended to only use images with JPEG, PNG-8, and GIF file extensions. It is highly advised to not to use PNG format as it may expand images by five to ten times.

  1. Make use of prototyping software:

It is good to make use of prototyping software that makes it possible for setting breakpoints in the program, designing the layouts that must fit devices like tablets, mobile or desktop. It is simple to use the software as you only need to copy that CSS into a program where you are writing HTML code so as to improve design for creating a responsive website. This software is also by many web development services company.

  1. Prepare the feel and look of the website:

The tendency of any efficient web development company is to first prepare the look and feel of any website before starting to code the website. It is important as it becomes easier to develop a website if you know the look and feel you want. If you are going to build a layout for the mobile device, then try to keep button large enough for a fingertip.

  1. Proper navigation:

While you are developing a responsive website, navigation is one of the challenging aspects that needs to be taken care of. If your website has only a few navigational menus, then you can keep it simple on the screen, but if a website has lots of navigational menus, then there is a need to create a single icon that has further drop down menus with lots of navigational menus.

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