Tips to get the best from Devops

Tips to get the best from Devops

Devops is arguably one of the most popular cultural changes to have swept the world of business in recent times. By bridging the development and operations channels, businesses are seeding for a cultural change leading to a seamless and continuous system.

What makes Devops existing is also what makes it challenging, as adopting such a change at the root level can sometimes be a tough task. Here are some tips for enterprises to ensure they get the best out of their Devops approach once they decide to adopt this new business culture.

Communicate Devops to employees effectively

Understand the nitty gritties of DevOps to use it successfully. Learn how?

Devops is as much about people as it is about businesses and enterprises. The challenge is to ensure employees are open for a change in their work environment. In a traditional business set up employees are often comfortable doing their own thing. Since Devops requires working together as a team for a single goal, the roles for each employee must be clearly defined.

To adopt Devops technologies for the enterprise should not just be a decision taken by the management and the CIO alone. It should involve all team members with a detailed explanation of how Devops can change the work culture and working ethics of the enterprise making it ready for the future.

Eliminate blame game by bridging trust deficit between operations and development teams

Learn how Devops technology helps build trust between development teams and operations.

Operations and development teams have traditionally not been active partners. The role of one team emerges when the role of the second one ends in a traditional set up. With Devops technologies aiming for collaboration between operations and development teams, bridging any trust deficit will act as a stepping stone towards effective Devops implementation strategy.

For example, involving operations staff into the projects from inception gives them time to be part of the whole process as much as development teams. Enterprises can arrange teams around projects instead of arranging them around a linear task. Being involved from the inception phase ushers in a feeling of collaboration for both teams. The onus is on the CIO or the enterprise to ensure all teams work towards a single goal instead of just a team goal thereby minimizing chances of any blame game or conflict.

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Embrace failure smartly

Find out how Devops helps to combat failures.

Devops focuses on ‘fail fast-fail often’ philosophy which can be a new concept for many enterprises. This may be especially true for businesses that have been following traditional business practices. Unless the CIO is able to communicate to the employees about adoption of the new concept where failure is welcome, Devops may not be able to reach its potential.

The challenge for the CIO and core management is to ensure that traditional stereotypes regarding failure are broken. Of course a good Devops operations will ensure that warn and pre-empt failure and capabilities are implemented allowing for an instant insight into any new innovations but unless employees understand that failing in their quest to achieve something unique is welcome, the impact of Devops may stay limited.

Maintaining an innovation budget

How to make the best out of DevOps, find out more!

The core of having a successful Devops implementation is embracing continuity. From deploying, testing, delivering, funding, or innovation having a continuous process is a given. Enterprises that embrace Devops should as a yardstick always have a product or software version ready to be rolled out. Having a rapid release cycle automatically creates room for continuous innovation.

To make the best out of Devops strategy, enterprises need to change their outlook towards innovation and funds allocation towards such innovation. For example, enterprises can adopt a new approach whereby they strive to maintain a pre-approved innovation budget having short, iterative approval cycles. This can be an ideal replacement for the traditional annual, large project driven budgets enterprises may have had prior to Devops sustenance.

Eliminate unplanned work

A common excuse with Devops implementation is the lack of time by various teams and departments. Devops as a culture can help enterprises look for any unplanned work emphasizing more focus on Devops operations instead. Some lower priority work may be put on hold to ensure the higher priority of Devops operations run smoothly. Once the Devops work culture has been embedded into the organizational setup, the accelerated working environment can ensure all planned and unplanned works are managed seamlessly.

It is a fact that Devops as a work culture is growing across industries. Once an enterprise decides to adopt Devops, tweaking certain traditional business stereotypes can help businesses make the best use of their Devops strategy.


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