To Be Safe and Secure – Know the Guidelines for CCTV Installation and Wiring Options

To Be Safe and Secure – Know the Guidelines for CCTV Installation and Wiring Options

These days, we come across CCTV cameras everywhere, for example in super markets, malls, and in many other public places. CCTV is a video surveillance camera, which will be installed at a place that needs to be monitored. It provides security and helps detect a crime.

Choosing the best quality CCTV camera is crucial among various types of cameras like HD cameras, Dome cameras, wireless etc. A wireless CCTV camera will be flexible to install, but it has some restrictions. So, mostly professionals recommend a security camera with a power wire.

Installation Process

For a new CCTV installation, we need a security camera and a wire, which comes from a location near to the storage devices (digital or network video recorders) and works with only IP network security cameras. A cctv company provides some of the guidelines to the customers on the installation process to make them aware of it.


Analog Cameras

An analog security camera consists of two wires, a wire to transmit the video signals and the other is a power wire to supply power. These power wires will be separated by a coax wire. Mostly either RG-6 or RG-59 will be used to avoid video loss.

Dome Cameras

A dome camera is controlled by storage devices like DVR or controller RS-485 PTZ with a GV-NET or GV-COM module. To operate the camera, we need a video cable to send the signals and a power cable to receive commands from the controller and a CAT 24 measuring cable. A power cable supplies either DC 12V or AC 24V power to the camera.

These cameras will be used to provide security by covering extensive area. It is also called as PTZ camera because they are flexible to rotate up and down (called as tilt), ability to turn left and right (referred as pan), and it consists the lens to zoom the objects far away to visualize clearly.

Wiring Options

  • The most common installation process is, selecting the place where you want to record and monitor the video, run the cable through the attic and escalate it at the recording place. It makes you to access the camera easily.
  • Another option is for those who want to use multiple cameras. Run the cable wire from the external wall and utilize a medium to run the wire and supply power to the multiple cameras at once.
  • Once you run the wire, mount the camera at the selected place. Make use of a junction box while passing the wire through a brick wall, to avoid the problems.
  • Junction box provides the facility to place the camera on an even surface level.
  • Keep the junction box at the selected place, make holes if required, run the wire through, connect them to the video as well as power supply connection and lock the junction box cover then you can install the camera safely.

Samsung CCTV UAE provides a wide range of CCTV cameras with the best image quality in both analogue and IP systems by using unique technologies.

CCTV camera performs various functions for every organization to provide evidence to control the access etc. It also helps to provide security to a house from theft.

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