TOP 4 iOS 10 features which you might not have known about

TOP 4 iOS 10 features which you might not have known about

iOS 10 is rife with innovations and changes, but not all of them are visible at first glance. In this article, we would like to present to you TOP 4 new iOS 10 features that you might have overlooked. Noteworthy, if you want to know how much your current iPhone is worth, go online and find the best way to check phone price.

1. The ability to simultaneously close all tabs in Safari

If you like to have multiple tabs in the Safari browser open, then you will surely appreciate this new feature in iOS 10. Now, there no need to manually close each tab. Just press and hold the button responsible for switching tabs in the bottom right corner of the screen on your iPhone, or at the top right on the iPad to see a new menu in which you are prompted to create a new tab or close all the open tabs.

Thus, opening a new tab or closing all the existing ones at once is now much easier. By the way, in IOS 10 you can open an unlimited number of taps!

iOS 10 features

2. In Safari for the iPad, you can open two tabs at once via SplitView mode

Earlier in iOS for the iPad, there appeared the SplitView feature that allowed to split your screen so that you could interact with two applications simultaneously. In 10 iOS Apple has gone one step further and added the ability to simultaneously open two tabs in Safari. Just press and hold your finger on any link and choose the “Open in SplitView mode” option from the context menu.

You can also hold the tab switcher button and in the menu that appears, select “Open SplitView». In addition, when using Safari, you can get the second application at the right edge of the screen and choose there another instance of the browser.

3. Sirithannounces the caller ID for incoming calls

We cannot say that this feature is legitimately brand new. For example, it was implemented in Nokia smartphones running on Symbian a few years ago. However, in the iPhone this feature is very handy. The point is that Siri will pronounce the name of the subscriber who is calling you at the moment. You can activate this feature in the “Phone” Settings. This feature is particularly useful when you are listening to music and you do not want to pull out your iPhone from the pocket.

4. Traffic Savings iMessage

Modern messengers are a great cause for traffic consumption for active users. For this reason, Apple offers to economize on sending pictures by sending pictures of lower quality when using the cellular network.

To activate this feature, you will need to go to “Settings”, then open “Messages” and select the “low quality mode.” However, when using Wi-Fi network, this restriction will be ignored.

To sum up, we hope we have managed to surprise you with some IOS 10 features and in the future, you will use them. What’s more, if you are thinking of getting a new iPhone, you can check out some best deals in Canada online.

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