Top Mobile App Development Companies

Top Mobile App Development Companies

Whether one needs to create an application in cross-platform, Android or IOS, searching for the best App Development company is of utmost importance. Because of the nature of mobile application development, top rated companies tend to be scattered all over the world. From South East Asia and Europe to USA and Latin America, those looking for top agencies are always spoilt for choice.

The following are the top mobile app development companies:

#1: APPEK Mobile Apps

Over the past 5 years, this mobile application development company has consistently created superior responsive design websites and world-class applications. The agency has gained admiration and respect of her clients ever since it was launched. The agency creates dominant applications that not only get featured by press, but also rank in the app stores and generate plenty of installs.

#2: Fueled

As a mobile development company, the agency boasts a team of development geniuses and product whizzes. The only thing that drives this company is building successful applications. Every member of the agency wakes up each day to create applications that users will top charts, make money and are effortless to use. Actually, this agency has built applications, which have generated more than $500 million in terms of revenue. Fueled comes up with applications that not only stand out from the crowd but also compel folks to move their home screen. The applications created by this agency have been featured in the Apple App store as well as Google Play store.


#3: Willow Tree, Inc.

This company opened its doors in 2007. Since its inception, the agency has created over 400 top-notch applications. The agency believes on strictly delivering nothing short of quality mobile development services to clients. All the projects the company handles run smoothly, predictably and strategically. That combination has made the company to be recognized as among the top application development companies within the industry. The team at Willow Tree, Inc. is not only smart and open, but has always been on the cutting edge in their field.

#4: Dom and Tom

An end-to-end agency that focuses on emerging technologies, Dom & Tom has impressed an array of clients over the years. From enterprise solutions to startups, the apps the company produces for clients are handy at supporting strategic initiatives primarily through engaging design, forward-thinking user experience, open collaboration as well as cross-platform development for mobile and web. Some of the major clients of the agency include Saban Brands, The University of Oklahoma, General Electric, Tyson Foods Inc. etc.

#5: Y Media Labs

YML is always at the forefront when it comes to app development. The company makes incredible application that not only excites the eyes of the users but also sets their thumbs on fire. The team of Android app developers and iOS app developers focuses on coming up with top-notch mobile experiences which blows off the expectations of everyone. Many brands have established YML as category leaders. If you’ve been looking for a team of developers with a bravado spirit, then this agency is your best choice. Brands such as PayPal, Facebook, and Apple trust this company. You can depend on the agency for high-quality and ground-breaking applications for WP, Android and iOS.


Appekapps is your true partner for award-winning mobile applications on Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android and IOS. This is the trustworthy company for beautiful, responsive design web applications that convert, rank top of Google and are mobile friendly.

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