Troubled with printer displaying offline?

Troubled with printer displaying offline?

For a number of places a printer is nowadays a mandatory device for many offices as well as some of the homes also. Many times people need to have a printer at home for business as well as projects for the kids. The laser and inkjet printers are most common these days. There are also a lot of models in the market by various manufacturers. Modern printers are available with a lot of features but irrespective of the size and model there are some basic things required which are known as the device drivers. Every maker of the printer offers a disc with drivers on it.

offline printer mode

A printer is a device easy to install and operate. But it becomes irritating when the user sees the printer in offline mode and hence not able to get the required printout. In such a situation the obvious question comes to one’s mind is how to trouble shoot the offline printer mode? Well, there are a few steps mentioned here that can help the user to overcome this situation.

  • Check the printer and its status: Usually it is a common impression that as one sees the printer near the computer, he believes that it is attached to the system. However, there are some situations where the device drivers can get change automatically and hence it may show that the printer is in offline mode.
  • Restart the device and prepare it for printing job
  • Check the option of printer and devices in control panel
  • Just check with which printer the trouble is and set it as a default printer
  • Check for option of pause printing and use printer offline and disable them
  • Now try to have test print, and if it goes through, the printer is ready now
  • In case the above steps cannot help just uninstall the device and reinstall it. For it, take the below steps.
  • Open control panel and right click on the option of the printer. This will help to uninstall it
  • Now reinstall the same printer and once switch it off and then switch ON.
  • In the case of wireless printer be sure that the Wi-Fi signals are strong enough to use the printer.
  • Try to have a test page and if it works its fine else try the next step
  • The printer offline display may be because of selection of wrong port also. In such a case one needs to take below steps.
  • Just check the name of the right printer and note it. In case one does not find the same on his system, it means that the printer is not installed and hence one needs to install the printer on that system first.
  • Just visit control panel and check for option printers and faxes
  • Here one needs to select the printer and click on the properties. Check for the ports tab
  • Here one can add the port
  • Now just follow the instructions provided on the screen
  • Now one must be able to have test print. Try it and see if the print is successful or not.

If, the problem is still there, just ask an expert to help.

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