Understanding SEO – Getting Started

Understanding SEO – Getting Started

The term SEO is mostly widely used by those who want to use internet to optimize or to get viewed more. People who spend most of their time on internet might have come across this term more frequently, but rarely do they have an idea about what exactly it stands for what is its actual meaning. SEO stands for what? It stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Types of SEO

Search Engine optimization is of two types, the black hat SEO and the black hat SEO. White hat SEO is that which can be explored and vice versa is for black hat SEO.


The term search engines are synonymous with Google search for most of us, but Google search isn’t the only search engine that is available. There are many other search engines available but they are not as popular as Google. A search engine is any technology that can be used to provide information of every type to every type of users at a time. But the information should be relevant with what is wanted by the users. Any information that is not relevant I of no use and the purpose of search engine is not served. Degree of relevance of the information given by the search engine is what separates them from each other.  Apart from Google, yahoo is another majorly used search engine. Both Google and yahoo together share 90% of all the internet searches every day.  SEO stands for what? It stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Any SEO is made of three basic components, the first one being a set of bots or autonomous agents which are similar to a library virtually, and they contain billions of pages of data is stored already. They also record the data that is found. The next component is the indexing engine, which saves the key index for vey page of information with which it can be identified and easily searched. There are special types of algorithms that are being applied to the bots to determine how these pages can be ranked and a priority is given to each of the page. Based on the rank and the priority the pages appear first while a user searches for particular information.  The third part of the search engine involves the search results itself which the users get to see after they have searched.

How does it work?

As the popularity of the search engine is dependent on the relevance of the information that the results give, the search engines are always competing with each to come with a much superior algorithm that would help the users to find what they are looking for easily and also to classify the information separately.  This is where the role of optimization comes in to play, the odds are in the favor of a particular website when the words that are used in the website or keywords that are used in the articles that are written in the website match with what most of the users look up and they appear before the websites of the competitors giving an edge to the owners of website.

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