Visual Studio for Mac Is All Revamped

Visual Studio for Mac Is All Revamped

For long, Microsoft’s Visual Studio lacked support for Mac and this was included in almost all the critiques of the Software despite of the fact that Microsoft was working toward creating a version for Mac. In November last year, Microsoft unveiled its vision on Visual Studio for Mac. By March, a preview version was available for users to test and report issues. In April, the official Visual Studio blog published Visual Studio for Mac to the Cloud and Beyond which disclosed all that the Visual Studio for Mac had in store.

This blog will analyze the features that are trending ever since the new version of Visual Studio for Mac has been out for download. You can download the latest version from the official Visual Studio website.

What’s New?

Visual Studio for Mac Is All Revamped

First, let’s focus on the Mac aspect. After all, this is what it is about. Microsoft claims to have kept the developers at the center of the design. It promises to deliver the ease that Mac developers look for in an IDE. It has also worked on the collaboration front by allowing developers to network effortlessly. By keeping the Xamarin in mind, Microsoft has certainly got the interest of app developers. With support for ASP.NET, it has created a demand that focuses on a need to hire ASP.NET programmer India to get cost-effective services.

What’s Brand New?

After, all the excitement for Mac edition, let’s shift the focus on what’s brand new in the version and what has Microsoft done in the new version released in April.

  • Web Editor: A few crucial elements in web development are HTML5, CSS, JSON and all developers are used to seeing them a certain way. This same classic view in now available for Mac users. You don’t have to struggle with new indentation or validation formats.
  • Code: The refinement of .NET core and ASP.NET core has also opened a new arena of simplicity and ease for developers who like to create their own codes rather than using the readily available ones. This involves ease for website and app development both at once.
  • Cloud: The new Visual Studio for Mac has taken publishing to a new level by allowing you to publish your apps or website to Microsoft Azure seamlessly. The advantage here is that you do not have to get accustomed to new tools and techniques, just use the ones you already know and Voila!
  • Support and Compatibility: Microsoft has also gone a step beyond and provided compatibility for Android and Apple operating systems. This includes the latest versions of iOS and Mac. It has also done away with the complex systems related to certificates.

With the impeccable features and advances made by Visual Studio for Mac, it is inevitable for it to grow amongst the iOS developers. Programmers with such skills are sure to get good opportunities. This also means the countries that have skilled resources will provide better resources. For example, companies can hire ASP.NET programmer India at cost effective services. Let us know what you think about the new Visual Studio for Mac.


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