Want to fix printer offline error?

Want to fix printer offline error?

The printer is an important device in both corporate office and other purposes. At the time of urgency, it always happens that the printer shows “fix printer offline error” and you cannot print the document. There are several reasons for this issue to occur, namely, which are outdated drivers, corrupted printer software, insecure IP address, etc. By performing the following steps, you can resolve the issue.

Step 1

The first and the most basic step is reinstalling the printer on your system. Open “Start” menu and click on “devices and printer” options. Windows XP users are required to click on “Printers and Faxes” option which can be found in the drop down of “all programs” option which is accessible via “start” option. Find the printer and hover the mouse on the printer. Right click on the printer name and select the “remove printer” option. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the action. Confirm the action and exit the pop-up. If the system asks you to confirm a restart, restart the system, and again find “Devices and Printers” option. In the next window, you will find an option “Add a printer” select that option. Read the steps mentioned on the screen and perform steps accordingly.

Step 2

If step 1 fails, then you can follow this step. You will be required to update the drivers for a printer which can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer. You can also find printer drivers in windows update option. For downloading proper drivers select the proper model of your printer and necessary details. On selecting the proper device driver option, it will be downloaded automatically. Mostly the downloaded files are a zip file, extract the zip file and install the drivers. Voila! Now the printer will work fine.

fix printer offline error

Step 3

If you have a wireless printer, then the problem might be occurring due to unrecognisable IP by the printer. For correct printer operation without any issues, it is necessary that your printer IP matches the router IP. On every successful restart of a printer, the router assigns a new IP and hence the issue arises. For rectifying this issue prefers to enter a static IP in the wireless router configuration. For assigning a static IP, you will be required to change router settings from its web interface. For opening the web interface of the router, refer the router manual.

Step 4

If all the above steps aren’t working don’t worry, there are few other methods too. Simply reboot printer spooler service for restoring the default settings. If you’re an XP user, find “Run” option in the start menu and click on it. In the “Run” dialogue box insert command “service.Msc” and hit OK. On hitting OK, a service window will appear. On the service, window finds “Printer Spooler” hover your mouse over it and right click. Find the restart option after right clicking and hit it. Make sure that while performing this step you’ve got admin rights. Close the window and now try to take a print out to verify normalcy of printer operation.

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