What can we expect in the upcoming years?

What can we expect in the upcoming years?

Predicting about future technology is both notoriously difficult and fun! It is a shaky sort of structure to forecast any sort of technology of the future. We have assembled this speculative peek around the corner, for you to glimpse just a few of the many amazing things to come that could shape our future.

Space Drones

Designers have been challenged by NASA to develop a conventional drone to work inside a space station. It will navigate with no ‘up’ or ‘down’. The winning design would use tiny beacons and cameras to manoeuvre its way around. It will be a way to explore other planets and asteroids using robots. The team is testing out whether the drone can fly autonomously. They want to deploy drones like prototypes to places that would have been impossible for rovers to access. For example, the inside of Martian volcanoes. They will be sent to test the grounds, see if it would make a safe place for astronauts to set up a base.

Smartphone in the coming years

An essential component in our daily lives, smartphones has largely advanced since some years back. Its importance is increasing day by day and it’s not only a way to communicate anymore, but plays a bigger role in many lives. With the big advancements came along the advantage of playing online. Mobile bingo has enabled many to just take out their phones wherever they are to enjoy a game or two. For instance, Kitty Bingo offers both slot and bingo games on mobile phones, and the display is rightly adapted to any screen size. Are you also looking forward to the innovations? The coming years might bring flexible and bending screens, wearable smartphone, voice commands, smart contact lens, IRIS scanner, augmented reality, long lasting batteries and more!


Coffee Power

Over 200,000 tonnes of waste is created every year by London’s coffee industry. The idea proposed by entrepreneur Arthur Kay is to use his company – bio-bean to turn 85% of coffee waste into biofuels for powering transport and heating buildings. Researchers from South Korea have even managed to produce the stable carbon capture material in less than a day. Kay and UCL has partnered to turn its coffee waste into clean biofuel and to help alter the waste and energy sectors sustainably.

Drown Forest Fires in Sound

Forest fires or wildfire occur quite often. This is due mainly due to climate change. This could one day be taken care of by drones that would direct loud noises at the trees below. Since sound is made up of pressure waves, it can be used to interrupt the air surrounding a fire. It is principally to cut off the supply of oxygen to the fuel. At the correct frequency, the fire simply dies out. Researches in Virginia have recently demonstrated their sonic extinguisher, where apparently bass frequencies work best.

Breathalyser cars

With the many accidents and deaths occurring each year due to alcohol, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has settled devices that can monitor alcohol levels by sniffing a driver’s breath or scanning the blood in their fingertips via the steering wheel. If the levels are too high, the car will be immobilised. Lower insurance premiums will be offered to drivers using the system.

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