What Darknet Is and Why You Should Try Using It

What Darknet Is and Why You Should Try Using It

The internet is bigger than what you think and you are only accessing a small percentage of it.  Generally, we use search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, go to social medias, read blogs, watch Youtube, etc. What you don’t know is that there are about 30,000 unique hidden services on the internet, and you can only access this through darknet

The Darknet has websites that claim to be anonymous to users. In here, the website owners and users can’t be traced or known. Personal information is heavily protected. Normal browsers are not capable of gaining access to Darknet websites with the domain .onion. You can only get to them through the use of TOR or The Onion Router.  TOR prohibits the tracing of data in Darknet.

Why should you try using Darknet?

  1. It is a place where everyone can speak their mind without limits.

Due to anonymity, everyone can say what they want freely. There is diversity in the Darknet. A number of different people from different fields and expertise are sharing content freely. There exists a freedom of information in the Darknet – there would be no government or big capitalists controlling what information must be published and what must be kept.


  1. It is a place where users cannot be tracked and monitored by both government and cybercriminals.

Unlike with the regular web (surface web) you are using, there is a high chance of you being hunted down and hacked. Darknet does not even allow the internetchoice.org internet service provider to monitor your online activities.

  1. The Darknet offers a much safer and more secure place for internet users.

There is the right mixture of privacy and usefulness on this side of the internet– something that you can’t find using your regular browser.

  1. In a Darknet, you have the ability to connect your computer to the people you trust and vice versa, making it more private and secure.

The US military dumps government files that are prohibited to the general public in the darknet to avoid confidential information from leaking out. This is enough proof of how secure the place is.

  1. Using the Darknet will give you a deep knowledge about the world and its mysteries.

The information shared on the Darknet is unfiltered. You can read from journalists sharing confidential information, people selling drugs, assassin services, pornography of all types and prostitution. It will open your eyes to the existing systems of the world, the uncensored imagery of what kind of world do we have today.


The Darknet has been considered a dangerous place because of the freedom to access important and top secret information which is being abused by criminals.However, it’s not good or evil. It depends on the how the users utilize it. You just have to find it within you to use this power of anonymity for greater good. In the end, darknet is a  test of character and morals.

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