What Does One Mean By a Hit Counter?

What Does One Mean By a Hit Counter?

A Hit counter is a counter which simply counts numerically how many people made a visit to your page. Such a counter will work like a background process and will try hard to stop providing delays to the visitors. The simple box can be easily adjusted onto a webpage with smart positioning. Many webmasters like to place a Hit counter on either side of their webpage. Every time a visitor lands on your website, the counter will increase by 1. If the very same visitor refreshed his page, he/she will not be considered a new visitor for the IP address is made use of while counting the visitor numbers to the website. A good Hit counter will give you a great idea of the users which you can use to the best of your advantage to make more sales through your site.

A Hit counters script

The code which can be used to create the Hit counter is usually called as counter text. This script is written in C, PHP, Perl and many other scripting languages. One need not worry, for the scripting f such a Hit counter can be left to programmers. Keeping the internal code of counting aside, the script of the counter must have interfacing options for graphical display of data. The visitor on your website doesn’t have anything to do with the counter but the information obtained from the counter can be of great use to the website owner.

Use of a Hit counter

A Hit counter basically keeps count of the number of people on your website. This allows the webmaster to enhance their web-presence. If you look forward to making your website even more attractive, you can insert a chat room, a guestbook and so much more. These hit counters help identify how popular you are right now. They give the website owner an idea of how well the website is doing. If you use ads on the website to make more money, you should be well aware of the visitor information. A good Hit counter which is advanced in nature should help give you this important information.


A Hit counter can be easily customised to create digital displays and other analog functions too. The analogue information from where these visitors are from can be provided. Many advanced counters can show other options too. You can see the display on the face of the counter in your own language. This allows one to analyse the geographic area from where the visitor belong to. For an business man, this information is vital if you are running a start-up.


  1. These don’t cost a thing.
  2. There are many sources from which you can download these hit counters from.
  3. It is a measure of your performance.
  4. It shows your website’s credibility to others.


  1. These free Hit counters usually force you to promote their website. The free counters can cause visitors to find that your webpage will take ages to download because of heavy scripts. Steer clear of a Hit counter if you don’t want that.
  2. Have you ever seen the big guns in the Internet world use a Hit counter? The answer to that question is a very big no. This simply shows how useless a Hit counter really is.
  3. What if your Hit counter shows a poor number of visitors? Say it only shows a few hundreds. This would mean that you website is not credible and there is no point in doing business with you.
  4. Many promoters boost their visitor numbers using tweaks which is wrong.
  5. Site tracking is much better option as compared to a Hit counter. This is mainly because in site tracking you get to keep track of the path the user of the website took. Hit counter only gives information of the number of users, not about the user. This information is pretty valuable if you don’t want your business to go down the drain.


Every website mainly aims at increasing their sales by bringing in more visitors. Website tools can be used for promotions and this will bring in people to your site. However, if you are monitoring who is coming to your website, you won’t benefit from these promotional tools.

Trying to design a Hit counter on your own can be a tough task if you are not good at the programming part. It is possible to make the most of readymade scripts which just have to be downloaded from the Internet and inserted into your website code.

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