Why a Touchscreen PC Should Be Your Next Workstation

Why a Touchscreen PC Should Be Your Next Workstation

Businesses have been trying to find a use for touch screen computer monitor since the technology was released widely back in 2009. Touchscreen computers are marketed primarily as multimedia centers and personal PCs, but there’s a place for them in the office.

PC users upgrading to Windows 8 will find a touch-focused interface optimized for touchscreens. Although current touchscreens are shipping with Windows 7 support touchscreen technology, they’re not quite optimized for it in the same way.

Why are touchscreens good for your office? To start, a younger demographic entering the workplace will appreciate the aesthetic of a touchscreen PC, and immediately understand how efficient work can be with one.

There’s also the issue of repetitive strain injury (RSI). If you’re adding a touchscreen to your mouse-and-keyboard mix, you’ll be using a wider range of motion, which can reduce potential strain. However, a poorly implemented touchscreen may add to the problem. Unfortunately, it’s too early to tell which side of the fence touchscreen PCs land on, and there haven’t yet been any definitive studies

There’s also the question of efficiency. It takes less time to touch an icon than it does to navigate to it and click it using a mouse. While this may seem minor, if you add up all of the programs you open daily, you’ll quickly see where the efficiencies are.

The perceived cost of touchscreen PCs has kept them out of most business budgets. Most now hover around $1000, in the range of acceptability, especially if you’re considering an upgrade to Windows 8 within the next year. And if you’re still rocking XP on your desktop boxes, it’s time to upgrade.

Why a Touchscreen PC Should Be Your Next Workstations

Here are several all-in-one touchscreen computers released in 2011.

Samsung All-in-One Series 7

Samsung’s recent entry to the touchscreen PC market features a 23″ LED monitor with a wireless keyboard and mouse. The monitor can be tilted 90 degrees, making it a clean addition to the minimalist desktop. (If you like this entry, you may also want to check out Samsung’s Series 7 tablet, which offers lots of functionality for a tablet.)

There is a term related with touchscreen PC interfaces that many are not comfortable with. The term is called “Gorillia Arm”. This term is exceptionally successful at painting an intriguing picture in one’s psyche. It infers the picture of a major bushy gorilla beating without end on a PC. The fact of the matter is somewhat extraordinary. Gorilla arm is all the more correctly used to portray the wonder in which a man’s fine engine abilities wind up plainly ungainly after a delayed timeframe utilizing a touch screen PC.

Clients have found that if a PC administrator is utilizing a touchscreen interface that is vertically situated, for example, is on a PC screen, that after a brief timeframe their arms may start to feel drained and overwhelming. At the point when the administrators of arms start to feel along these lines, their fine engine abilities getting to be noticeably hindered and they’re not ready to make exact developments with their hands. This impedance can make administrators commit input errors. All the more imperatively, drawn out utilization of a vertically situated touchscreen may bring about dreary movement wounds.

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