Why Learn Office 365?

Why Learn Office 365?

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular tools for business owners and individuals. It is a collection of different programmes that are designed to help you create presentations, spreadsheets and documents. In the past, the options available in Microsoft Office were slightly limited. However, as cloud computing was introduced, Microsoft took full advantage of the added convenience offered by cloud computing and introduced Office 365. Office 365 is a cloud- based service that allows you to access your documents, work on them with teams and make collaboration extremely easy.

It wasn’t long before Office 365 was adopted in companies, since a yearly subscription was packaged with every purchase of the Microsoft Office Suite of services. However, not many people know how to make the best out of Office 365. On the surface, Office 365 offers a basic platform through which team members can collaborate with each other. However, there are plenty of other services that are attached to Office 365 that will allow you to complete your work in a more efficient manner. For instance, do you know how to use Microsoft Lync or OneNote in tandem with Office 365?

Why Take a Course?

Training for Office 365 is essential for employees who want to rise to the top. Since Microsoft Office is used in almost every company and office nowadays, learning how to use it properly will do you a world of good. For instance, there are hundreds of hidden functions that you can use in Microsoft Excel. These formulae and functions will make it easy for you to process large amounts of data within a matter of minutes, making your life extremely easy.


Most of the institutes and companies that offer training courses provide detailed learning sessions. These courses are generally short in duration, and are designed for people who already know a thing or two about Microsoft Office. If you are a beginner, you should instead opt for a beginner course on Microsoft Excel. From there, you should progress to learning the tips and tricks that power users employ in their everyday business in order to save time and get more work done. Apart from the fact that these courses offer direct information, another major benefit is that they are also quite affordable. You can take the whole course online at your own convenience at a pretty small price, making it easy for you to learn when your mind is open.

Finding a Better Job

The best thing about learning Office 365 is that it will actually help you find a better job in the future. Microsoft Office is essentially a basic need in the workplace. Companies generally prefer hiring employees who are well-trained in Excel and don’t require any sort of training. If you are well-versed in Office 365, which is used by companies all over the world, you will definitely be able to secure a better job offer with more benefits and higher pay! Do remember to list your certifications on your resume!


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