Why LED lights are the way to go

Why LED lights are the way to go

People might often underestimate the importance of choosing the most appropriate lighting. Depending on what/where you’re buying lights for, there could be a whole host of issues with traditional lighting such as high energy and replacement costs, trouble with safe disposal (mercury!), and even discoloring of furniture if you leave it long enough! Due to all of these reasons, it is important that you get it right first time by choosing a reputable supplier of LED light bulbs. By doing so, you can ensure lower energy bills, less frequent replacement costs, and all the other benefits associated with LED lights. Here are a few quick examples of the other benefits of LED lights:

  1. As mentioned above, costs are a big factor. While your upfront purchase cost will increase slightly, when you consider the cost per year including energy usage and replacement, you’ll soon see that LED is a massively cheaper option.
  1. Environmental benefits: carbon emissions from halogen lighting are substantial. In fact, the average household emits 1.8 tonnes of carbon each year from their lighting alone. In comparison, the same household with LED lights would emit just 3.26kg of carbon each year.
  1. With costs and environmental benefits aside, LED bulbs can actually just be really cool for design purposes too. They are very flexible in things like shape, colour, and design – with additional features such as dimming to cater for a range of moods and atmospheres. With the right technology, all of this can be done remotely or by timers – which can result in some truly amazing lighting effects that will wow anyone who sees it. There is a few good examples of this on YouTube, one of which we have embedded below:

Buying online:

And to make things even easier, LED lights are also readily available online. As with any purchase on the internet, we recommend that you undertake your own due diligence. This might include looking for a reputable brand that are active on social media and also have some kind of reviews available online. Furthermore, if you still have doubts, the best thing to do is simply to get in contact with them. Most reputable brands will be responsive to enquiries, and have a dedicated customer support team. Ultimately this might cause you to spend a little more money (or not, if you find a cheap supplier), but it may well be worth it for the peace of mind.


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