Why many people consider buying Mac is similar to burning hole in packets?

Why many people consider buying Mac is similar to burning hole in packets?

There are many debates when the prices are concerned.  It is well known that the consumer electronic goods are highly volatile industry, since day in and day out the prices and product specifications changes drastically, and it is highly risk to invest in the industry.  One has to have good knowledge and market awareness to invest on the electronic goods.  Change in the quality, drastic drift in the prices, launching gimmicks played by the manufacturers and big market tycoons are some other factors that rules majority of the electronic goods industry.  Yet, it is easy to identify some of the products that are highly popular and have very good resale value.  Dealers and sellers like to invest on such goods having good resale value and continue having great demand in the market.  For example take iMac, it is wonderful to watch how the product retained its demand and people love to buy even the used iMac.


In general the testing parameters are as follows for all the electronic equipments.  Most companies follow this strategy to safeguard their brand image and sales consistency.  They ensure

  • Product safety before shipping
  • To minimize the amount of defective products
  • Reduce end users complaints, and avoid sending inferior goods
  • To minimize the shipment of defective products those are not in compliance with the company standards.
  • They also follow recall procedures, if the shipment contains defective pieces send without their knowledge and awareness, or if the defects are identified after the shipment reached the destination.
  • In case of defective products new products are sent and consumers are assured that they get best for the price they pay for the products. Many popular and reputed companies have followed this method, they have collected faulty pieces and replaced with better quality and often higher priced versions for the affected consumers.  Whenever prices are slashed they have a refund policy in place that makes consumers satisfied that they don’t repent for their decision buying earlier.
  • Whenever you find a product like iMac you know all these features holds good and consumers whoever they may be, think that they had taken a good decision of buying iMac, and they don’t even mind whether the product is used or new. When they know what they are paying is worth of that product, they really don’t mind paying higher than normal price.

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