Why Website Developers Have to be Creative

Why Website Developers Have to be Creative

Just about every business, and many professionals, now have their own website, and very few of these people or companies built their sites themselves. Instead, they hire professional web developers to do so. These web developers have the latest in development software, plus an understanding of all of the coding and other technical requirements that go into making a website. Many also understand the mechanics of SEO and know how to get sites ranked highly in search engines. However, it takes more than that. Making a great website also requires creativity.

Websites Need to Be Attractive

Websites are, in a way, a type of visual art. If you look at a website and the colours, navigation system, text, images, and other content don’t mesh in a way that is pleasing to the eye, you’re likely to not spend much time on that website. You may not even realise why, but your subconscious will note how the visual elements clash. Other times, the website may be such a mess visually that you can’t easily navigate it or read the text on the page.

Web developers need to have a good sense of space, which is something artists have. They have to see how to make use of whitespace, how to place elements near each other that are complimentary, and how to use size, colour, and even shape, to highlight certain elements and make the page easy on the eyes.

Your Website Has to Stand Out

You don’t want your website to look exactly like any other website out there, especially those of your competitors. Websites have to accurately reflect your business’s identity, values, philosophy, and style. You don’t want your website to look like you cloned it from any other website, so there has to be some creativity involved in its design. The best website developers in Melbourne are innovative, and aren’t afraid to try something new. It may not work, but you can always say no. On the other hand, a risk can pay off and lead to an amazing website that your customers love.

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The Rules Are Always Changing

Search engines regularly create new search algorithms, or change what they consider to be high quality content and design. That means your website design team has to be ready to quickly adapt to these changes. That can take some very creative thinking, especially if the changes affect a mainstay of website design.

Developers also have to be ready to return to websites they designed months, or years, ago and figure out how to make them compliant with these new changes, without completely rebuilding the site. Sometimes it’s easy to make older websites fit the new algorithms, but sometimes it takes some unique solutions to do so without starting over.

Your Website May Have Unique Needs

Every website is a little bit different, and you may have needs or restrictions for your site that are unlike any other website the design team has worked on before. They’re going to need to be flexible in their thinking in order to incorporate those requirements, and that takes creative thinking.


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