Why Your Online Business Must Utilise SEO

Why Your Online Business Must Utilise SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, has changed so much since its first creation that many businesses fail to understand exactly what it can do for their companies. This is less a marketing tactic and more a branding play and you stand to make a big leap forward once you utilise this revolutionary strategy. In fact, organic search engine optimisation has completely changed the way many businesses do their marketing and it can do a great deal toward finding success for your company. Once you take a close look at the many benefits associated with the use of SEO, you should be able to quickly decide whether you want to utilise this lucrative branding tool or not.

Foot Traffic

Today, more than 97% of active consumers surf the Internet each day and they carry their connection to it literally in their pockets. With the help of their smartphones and tablets, potential clients go online for everything from clothing advice to reviews of the latest cooking products. For this reason, you only stand to gain by moving part of your business online. In fact, many companies find that their best and most dedicated salespeople are their websites and SEO is just a part of the equation to improve foot traffic.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) case studies found that utilising the right keywords doubled target revenue, improved visitor retention, and helped companies move as many as three pages up on the Google SERP ranking. These improvements dramatically improve the success of an online company’s presence and your keywords can be spread across a range of online platforms. The keywords chosen were informative and relevant, which show up more effectively in the result pages.


Well-executed SEO provided trackable and quantifiable results to companies across the country, regardless of whether they were e-commerce or non e-commerce sites. Therefore, there are no worries in regard to ROI. SEO agencies track nearly every aspect of their strategy such as increases in rankings, traffic, and conversions. Comprehensive analytics also provide the ability to drill down at a granular level and find demographic information and other engagement metrics for those who interacted with your website. For e-commerce sites, SEO agencies can easily find which paths users took to complete sales all the way down to which keywords they used to search for you prior to purchasing. For non e-commerce sites, the values are attributed to your lead conversions, such as a “contact us” form completion, and you can calculate the value of your SEO strategy that way.


SEO is by far one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies that a company can utilise, making it ideal for any company just getting started with its marketing campaign. Any fresh company looking to find quick success must consider SEO to ensure they get the best results. With so much of the population glued to their devices, you want to ensure that your online presence is constant and easily noticed. The right professionals not only make this happen but do so without costing you the entire project advertising budget. While you should still consider radio and TV advertising as well, this is one way to easily gain foot traffic to your business both online and in the physical store.

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