Will a Faraday Bed Canopy Provide Suitable EMF Protection?

Will a Faraday Bed Canopy Provide Suitable EMF Protection?

Imagine you have the newest smart phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset, wall-to-wall Wi-Fi system and other gadgets in your home that generate electricity. Then one day you answer your cell phone and, without warning, experience a blinding, searing pain the moment you place the device against your ear. You might suppose that the pain will subside soon but they are most likely to linger, or might even get a lot worse with time. The pain comes back every time you use gadgets like your landline, your cordless phone, or your computer. Before long, you’re in constant pain throughout the day and night. By now, you know instinctively that the problem lies with your electronic devices. Well, your instincts are not wrong. Such gadgets produce electromagnetic interference (EMF) which is harmful to your health and can lead to ailments like autoimmune diseases, cancers, neurological disorders and more. Electromagnetic interference shielding is the most effective solution to this issue. Shielding can assume different forms, but a Faraday bed canopy is worth checking out. Read this article to know more.

Scope of Shielding

To be honest, a Faraday bed canopy doesn’t ensure total protection against electromagnetic interference. However, among the commercially available shielding options in the market, it is definitely one of the most useful. But you can’t spend all your time under the canopy. You need to lead a normal life in the outside world, surrounded by various electronic devices, and so the effectiveness of the canopy comes under fire.


But wait; do not write it off so quickly. You must know a fact about the workings of the human body before you draw a conclusion – one hour of EMF exposure during the daytime is not equal to one hour of EMF exposure during the night.

Nighttime is when the cells in your body undergo the regeneration process, slowly rejuvenate, and detoxify. When they’re exposed to electromagnetic interference, the process gets severely curtailed. This is also the time of the day when melatonin production is at its highest. Dr. Walter Pierpaoli, an international expert in Melatonin, calls melatonin ‘nature’s age-reversing, disease-fighting, sex-enhancing hormone’, which probably gives you an idea as to why it is so important for your well-being. EMF disturbs the process of melatonin production, and so it’s necessary to shield your body from EMF exposures, especially during the night. This explains why the EMF bed canopy is so popular.

Grounding the Canopy

Grounding refers to a process of removing the excess charge by facilitating the transfer of electrons between the charged object and a ground. Grounding provides a return path for the excess electricity. This can be achieved by connecting a metal stake to a wire outside your home or connecting to the earth terminal on a close by bedroom electrical socket. Depending upon the type of Faraday bed canopy you’ve chosen, grounding may or may not be necessary. While some canopies need to be grounded, others perform fine without any.

Buying the Best Faraday Bed Canopy

 Before starting to use a Faraday bed canopy, you should keep one vital point in mind: the heavier and denser the material is, the less light and air it will allow to pass through. Under some circumstances, this makes sleeping under Faraday canopies rather an unpleasant experience. However, there are some models in the market which combine decent shielding performance with excellent light and air penetration, and they are also very transparent. Thus, you enjoy sound sleep during the night. Moreover, as there is no need for grounding in the product, you won’t face any sort of trouble when it comes to the installation of the entire canopy.

Canopy Structure

You will find different types and sizes of EMF shielding canopies in the market. The wide variety of choices enables you to find the right canopy that will fit your bed suitably without any kind of hassle.

How Effective is Sleeping Under an EMF Bed Canopy?

You might be wondering whether the installation of an EMF bed canopy in your home is entirely effective in preventing the impact of EMF radiation. Well, the efficacy of the bed canopy depends on a lot of different factors.

For people, who live in normal, urban environments, it is common to sleep in a bedroom that is exposed to Wi-Fi radiation and cell phone tower radiation most of the time. This is why they experience a major boost in their health once they begin to sleep under a protective EMF bed canopy. When a person allows his/her body to resume its normal hormonal and cellular processes, it benefits his/her health immensely. At the same time, you should also keep in mind that these canopies do not provide complete protection from harmful radiation; they offer merely a partial coverage.

Additional Security Measures for EMF

If you are planning to outfit your bedroom with an EMF bed canopy, then it is highly recommended that you measure the exposure level of electric fields beforehand. EMF bed canopies are an excellent choice when you want to ward off the effects of electrical field exposures from your bedroom, the most important part of your home. This will help you get a peaceful and healthy sleep during the nighttime.

Is it Possible to Purchase Just the Shielding Material of the Canopy?

A lot of people seek to use protective canopies to improve the overall EMF protection level in their home environments. However, radiation levels vary from home to home, and that is why, people want customized products for their homes. Buying shielding materials separately helps them tailor the canopy for their unique needs.  If you don’t want to purchase a readymade canopy, be sure to select a strip measuring not less than 5 X 8 feet.

Want to turn your bedroom into an EMI-free zone? Faraday bed canopies can help you do just that. However, finding the right product is also important. So, research your options well if you decide to buy a canopy for electromagnetic interference shielding purpose. Prevent EMF, stay healthy!

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